Caldecotte offers rowing for all to learn this Olympic sport. We have a variety of sculling boats for single scullers, double and quads during your session you will learn basic skills, balance, use of the oars and strokes. Getting into a virus craft or an adpative craft is easy for a beginner and you can learn that you row backwards very quickly. Through various balance games you learn to be stable in the boat and in the adaptive craft you have the benefit of floats to keep you on rather than in the water. A group or a class can take part in thsi activity and it can be started as a land based activity on ergos to learn the basic rowing technique and then progress to water and then finally even to inter class competitive rowing.

There is a fleet of adaptive craft which can be tailored for beginners and disabled participants. We also have extended courses for those who want to take rowing a bit more seriously and Caldecotte also has a thriving rowing club with national standard coaching and competitive rowers.

To book any of our activities please contact us and let us book your programme for you.

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