Monday Club

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Now Drop off and Pick up from George Amey Centre in Simpson for the winter: starting 30/10/17

Every Monday all year round except bank holidays.

Monday Club                                                                                                                                        

Time: 6pm – 8pm

Cost: £27 by Standing order per month only

Age: 7 to 18 years

Land based activities - archery, caving, climbing, fencing, bush craft, team games, zorbing (November until March)

Where: Winter months (November until March) Land activities are held at The George Amey Centre, 366 Simpson Road MK6 3AG.

Water based activities - canoeing, kayaking, sailing, wind surfing, raft building, zorbing. (April until October)

Water activities are held at Caldecotte Xperience Lake North, next to the Caldecotte Arms Pub and Hotel MK7 8HP. (April until October)

Activities: Monday Club is held during term time and provides a variety of water and land based activities for all children and young people from 7-18 years of any ability. It is a good place for a complete beginner to experience some time out in canoe with other young people, learning how to paddle and work as a team to power the boat across the lake. Then you could take a turn in a kayak on your own, learning how to paddle with a double bladed paddle, making tight turns and changing direction under your own steam. Our skilled instructors will teach you everything you need to know about water safety and paddle sports. You can have a go at sailing in a Pico after learning how to rig the sails and have fun sailing across the water. You can even have a go at windsurfing for the first time. There's plenty of things to do at Caldecotte Xperience.

On land you can have a go at climbing, bouldering, high ropes, caving, archery, fencing or bush craft. There are so many things to choose from at Caldecotte that you won't ever get bored. You can constantly try something new and improve skills until you gain a qualification or even take up volunteering to help at a club yourself.

What should you bring: Suitable comfortable warm clothing, old coat, plimsolls or trainers, wind proof top.

Please wrap up warm for outdoor activities.

To secure your place please print and post a copy of the registration form and Standing order details to:

Monday Club
Caldecotte Xperience
George Amey Centre
Milton Keynes

Once you have registered please arrive for the first session on the course as detailed.
You will be contacted by email if we are unable to process your registration for any reason.


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