Advanced Sailing Courses

Having completed your Level 1 and 2 you can choose what course to do next. At Caldecotte Xperience we offer a great choice of courses to you, all of which are two days in duration. You can also join our adult sailing group on Friday mornings where you can practice all your skills with a friendly social group of beginners through to more experienced sailors.

Seamanship Skills

During this course you will learn how to handle a boat in all circumstances and solve problems afloat.
You will be taught skills of launching and recovering the boat in different circumstances, stopping, reducing sail, recovering a man overboard and anchoring.

Sailing with Spinnakers

Everything you need to know about sailing with conventional or asymmetric spinnaker can be learned on this course with our expert sailing instructors.
You will be taught how to rig the boat, gybe and recover one type of spinnaker, either conventional or asymmetric. You will learn how to sail the best possible course downwind and by the course completion you will be able to use one type of spinnaker, conventional or asymmetric.

Performance Sailing

Having completed other courses and having at least one full season you can progress to performance sailing. During this course you will improve your boat handling and confidence in performance dinghies. Coaching will enable you to improve your sailing, primarily in two person boats with spinnakers so that you are able to sail faster and more efficiently in all conditions.

Start Racing

During this course the aim is to have the fundamentals of getting off the start line and round the course.

You will be taught all the skills required to start club racing, including how to maximise boat speed and outwit your opponents. At the end of the course you will be able to take part in club racing in good conditions.

To book any of our activities please print out and complete a form and post it or return it via the green bag to us.

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