RYA Stage 2 sailing (juniors)

Next course:                                           3-6 April 2018    £140

Summer Course Dates:

RYA 1 - 2        23-27 July 2018    £140

RYA 3 - 4        28-30 August 2018   £140 

Course information

Time 08.45-17.00

Time 08.45-17.00

Location: Water Sports Centre, Lakeside Grove, off H10 Bletcham Way, MK7 8HP

Bring: Suitable comfortable clothing, plimsolls or trainers and a complete change of clothes and footwear (in case you get wet); please remember to bring a towel & shower gear.

 All applicants for must be confident in water. 
Buoyancy Aids are provided; wetsuits are available when necessary and appropriate.

Cost: £150 per head

To apply for this course print out and complete a registration form and send it together with payment to:

Caldecotte Xperience
George Amey Centre
Milton Keynes

A great fun course for juniors 8+ where you can have a great time and learn the basics of sailing a boat. Here at Caldecotte our lake is perfect for learning the ropes! The space is big enough to give you room to move around and yet not so vast that you feel swamped. Learn knots, manoeuvres, rigging, and eventually try your hand tin other boats and move onto race technique.


Stage 2 will teach you a range of sailing skills and knowledge to help in becoming a confident sailor.

By the end of this course you will have increased your basic sailing skills, learned ropework and have the skills needed for collision avoidance. You should also have the ability to tack and control your boat speed and understand the basic principles needed for good, safe sailing.



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